Sleep Training

Sleep may seem like a far off dream, right now, but we have exciting news! 

You've come to the right place!

With our Mommywise certified Pediatric Sleep Training you will get your nights back in 72 hours! Your baby, 12 weeks and older, will be sleeping 11-12 hours a night by the end of this training. They will learn a lifelong skill, SLEEP!!

By getting to know you, your baby and your family goals we create a customized plan for your child's sleep training. The next step to success is that we come to you! Our Sleep Training is unique in the way that we are with you for every step of the training! We do this by providing 72 hours of live in support for you, your baby and any other siblings and active members of the family. This is how we are able to guarantee our success! 

And when baby is sleeping 11-12 hours a night they wake up rested and happy, the rest of the family is rested and happy!

Pediatric Sleep Training includes:

  • One 1 hour phones consultation to see what your needs are so that we can create you individualized sleep plan. 

  • 72 hours of LIVE IN sleep coaching.

  • 4 weeks, unlimited follow up support via phone and email.

Investment- $4,800

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